Connecting with NBVM Online & on TV

Connecting with Nativity is easy!  In the video below, Fr. Ron explains how to watch our Masses and other events on your computer, phone, TV, or other device.  You can watch live or after the fact. 


Livestream VIMEO Channel - Watch any live event or Mass in real time! Once an event begins, the channel will become active. 
Parish Facebook Page - For live event video streams and postings from Fr. Ron and Nativity Parish.
Parish YouTube Page - For live events and videos. 

VIMEO Video Page - To rewatch or view past events and archived videos.
VIMEO Showcases - To view videos from the different programs Nativity creates, like "Momdays with Mary" or "Children's Story Hour with Fr. Ron."

Faith Formation Facebook Page - For updates on and posts about Nativity's programs for youth.